The Princess Proclaims.....

"My mind went on vacation but now it's back!"

"Mom, when I grow up, I'm going to be a Princess Ballerina Fairy Mermaid Astronaut."

"Mom, I'm really sad right now. I wanted to marry Prince Eric. I want to have a real baby. I want to fall in love."

"Mom, I love learning about God and singing about God. Everyone needs to learn about God!"

"Mom, when we say I Love You to each other, it makes my heart sing!"

"Dad, I have to tell you something. Did you know when you eat, your ears wiggle?"

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Beach Time

We've had some unseasonably warm weather the last few days, so we took advantage of it and rode our bikes over to the beach.  Although sunny at our house, just a mile away at the beach it was foggy but that didn't stop E from having fun!

Daddy forgot the bike locks so we had to
bring our bikes onto the beach

E stretching, getting ready to play

"I'm going to dig to China and say hi to Kai Lan"

I need some water for my delicious Sand Soup

"Daddy, those are MY sand toys!"

Time to add the sand

Soups ready!

Time to play "Tag You're It" with daddy

I LOVE the beach!

I barely made it home.  As you can see in first picture, E's bike is attached to mine so when we ride, I'm pulling her.  Thankfully, she really pedals hard....good thing because my legs had NO strength in them.  I think it's time to look into getting E a new big-girl bike so she can ride all by herself (at least that's what my legs

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