The Princess Proclaims.....

"My mind went on vacation but now it's back!"

"Mom, when I grow up, I'm going to be a Princess Ballerina Fairy Mermaid Astronaut."

"Mom, I'm really sad right now. I wanted to marry Prince Eric. I want to have a real baby. I want to fall in love."

"Mom, I love learning about God and singing about God. Everyone needs to learn about God!"

"Mom, when we say I Love You to each other, it makes my heart sing!"

"Dad, I have to tell you something. Did you know when you eat, your ears wiggle?"

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

News From The Pool, v1, issue 1

My daughter is destined to be a cheerleader, I think.  "Mom, you are swimming great." and "Go daddy, go daddy, pull the wagon, go daddy." and "Keep peddling mom--ok that one was from last year since I haven't ridden (is that a word??) my bike in a L O N G time--you can do it."   She also happens to believe, and who am I to disagree with her, that I am the Best Mom In The World.  I mean, she tells me every day so it must be true, right?

Sunday, July 25, 2010

File this one under Imagination In Overdrive!

I've posted a lot about my daughter's imagination.  Just when I think I've heard the funniest thing from her, she surprises me.

It's not secret that she LOVES Disney Princesses.  Just about every day, she pretends to be one of the DP's and has this whole storyline that he replays, sometimes ad naseum. 

Today, she was in her blue princess gown, and tells me she just got married to Prince Eric.  Then she tells me that she is moving to the beach but not into my house on the beach but we can live next door.  Then...well I'll just post what I put on my Facebook status today.

"Is currently in a house with a Princess in a blue gown, who was recently married to Prince Eric that is being pulled through the sky by Rudolph who is taking us to the beach to look for a house that is colored 1/2 blue, 1/2 purple and 1/2 yellow."

followed by:

" ‎...and I just became a Grandmother to Daisy who was born because The Princess wished on the Wishing Crown to have a baby the same day she got married and viola (her new favorite word to say), Daisy arrived. "Now remember mom, I get to name her because she is my baby."

There is so much more of the conversation I'm leaving out so I guess it's the cause of "Guess you had to be there" to see the humor in it but some days she is just pure entertainment!  Love this little girl. :o)

Friday, July 23, 2010

News From The Pool

That is one of E's favorite games to the pool of course.  She pretends to be a reporter and she interviews me because she heard that my "daughter" gave me a "Best Mom In The World" award.  She brings her camera lady and asks me questions about my award, but mostly about my "daughter."  Have I mentioned before how I LOVE her imagination?

So this got met thinking that as long as it is pool season, I'll post some of the things E does in the pool in a "News From The Pool" post. Look for more to come.

Friday, July 09, 2010

Hats Are Cool

…and keep you cool.  The Princess has always liked wearing hats.  As a baby, I never had a problem keeping a hat…or sunglasses on her.
I was shopping online the other day and saw a sale mentioned.   I went to the site and found this great sun hat, marked down from $40 to $14.
She can be such a ham (just like her mommy) when it comes to taking her picture.
Here it is from the side so you can see more of it.
Now we just need to go to the beach so she can wear it! 


Thanks Grandma!

Mom sent The Princess a package today with sun dresses, shorts, t-shirts, necklaces, a puzzle, a princess photo album and a princess coloring book.  I *think* that is everything!  Can’t miss with anything “princess” related.  Oh, I did forget something.  Princess stickers.  Yep…although she still likes Dora, she is definitely full-on into Disney Princesses!
So, thanks Mom for thinking of my girl.  She was running around the house saying “I LOVE when grandma sends me packages.  She always sends me stuff I like!”

Monday, July 05, 2010

Photo of the Week Contest

I entered my daughter's photo in a People Magazine's Photo Of The Week contest and I was just notified that she is in the finals!  Could you please go vote for her?

On a side note, two men in forum I belong to told me that they could not vote in this contest because it is degrading and objectifying my daughter...and one suggested it was human trafficking!

What do you think?  Is it degrading to vote for photos of children in contests?  Is it human trafficking?

Friday, July 02, 2010

I Read About Him In Books........

The Princess has such an imagination.  I've said it before, I know.  She really does think she is going to marry a prince.  Not a great guy who treats her well and loves and adores her.  No, a REAL prince. 

Today, we were playing card games and while I was shuffling, she was looking out the window.  She got real quiet and said "Mom, can I sing you a song?"   I said "Sure."   I wish I had a tape recorder.  She sang the most meloncholy song about wishing her prince would come see her.   I don't remember much of the song, but I do remember a part where she says "I read about him in books, I see him on tv, now I wish he would come to see me in real life so we can get married."
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