The Princess Proclaims.....

"My mind went on vacation but now it's back!"

"Mom, when I grow up, I'm going to be a Princess Ballerina Fairy Mermaid Astronaut."

"Mom, I'm really sad right now. I wanted to marry Prince Eric. I want to have a real baby. I want to fall in love."

"Mom, I love learning about God and singing about God. Everyone needs to learn about God!"

"Mom, when we say I Love You to each other, it makes my heart sing!"

"Dad, I have to tell you something. Did you know when you eat, your ears wiggle?"

Saturday, January 30, 2010

This Girl Loves To Shop

Most of my family LOVE to shop.  My mom, MIL, sisters, SIL...shoppers.  Me, I did not inherit the love-of-shopping genes.  I don't enjoy crowds, especially in malls. I tend to get too hot in the stores, and don't like dealing with the usually grumpy clerks. Plus, all the indecision! I'd look around a store for an hour, pick up something I liked, put it back, find something else I liked, put it back and end up leaving with nothing. So, I do most of my non-grocery shopping online.

It would seem that the shopper genes, which skipped me, landed on my daughter.  This Girl Loves To Shop.  Loves it.  On the rare occasion we do go to a retail store, she wants to check out the clothes, the jewelery, shoes, books, and of course toys.  If she finds two things she likes and I ask her to choose...she can and does.  No wishy-washy, and certainly no leaving the store empty-handed.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Presto Change-O

E loves to play dress-up. One of her favorite outfits is her angel costume. The other day, in the space of two hours, she went from a Princess dressed as an Angel...

to a Sleeping Angel with her Princess doll....

She has new Disney Princess sheets, pillowcases and comforter.  Pictures to come. :o)

Saturday, January 23, 2010

One More Sign

Yesterday, we went to the store and bought a mattress and box spring for The Princess, and moved her out of her toddler bed into a full-size bed.  Just One More Sign that she is growing up.  It is all happening too fast.

She wasn't quite ready to sleep in the bed all by herself last night, so I slept with her.  It's a comfy bed...some of the best sleep I've had in a while.

E has been playing in her room most of the day.  For a while, she was "fake sleeping" on her bed, with her babies piled around her.  She wanted me to take her picture. :o)

The headboard is from her convertible crib.  We don't really have the room to store the rest of the crib and mattress, so we're thinking of selling or giving this crib to someone and buying her a white headboard.

E picked out some new bedding from Sears. Theme:  Disney Princesses, of course.  Placed the order last night and it should be here next week.

My baby, my last baby, is growing up. *sob*  Time, please slow down a bit.  I want her to linger a bit longer at this age.  We are just having too much fun.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Fun at the Park

Sunny and beautiful here today so we put The Princess in the wagon and headed for the park.  We stopped along the way at the party store for some water and snacks, and crossed the street to the park.

Turtles, turtles, everywhere......

The park closest to us has a pond that is full of turtles.  I'm not sure how it got so full.  I've heard stories that people just started dumping pet turtles into the pond.  Not sure if this is true or not, but whatever the reason, this pond is FULL! 

There are a few deck areas where you can go sit and rest and watch the turtles or feed them.  There is a big sign right on the wall of the deck saying "DO NOT FEED THE TURTLES BREAD"  Any guesses what you see people standing there feeding the turtles?  Ummm, yeah, bread.  There is a little machine where you can get a paper cup and for 25 cents, buy food to feed the turtles, but for some folks, I guess they think they know best. 

It was very sunny today and we saw lots of turtles out of the pond, sunning themselves. 


Reminds me of the time we were traveling across Alligator Alley in southern Florida and saw all the alligators sunning themselves, sometimes one on top of the other, along the banks.*insert scardy face smiley here*

Sunday, January 17, 2010


My daughter is a hair twirler, usually the back, and usually when she is very, very tired.  She has been twirling her hair for several years, which is why I tend to keep her hair shorter.  When it's time to brush, the screaming and crying is kept to a minimum.   When she gets older and is able to take care of her own hair, she can decide how long it will be.  Until then, momma rules!

Sorry, I digress.

Not only does she like to twirl her own hair, she likes to twist up mine as well.  She will come up to me and put her arm around me, grab some hair in back and twist it around.  Usually, she stops after a bit and moves on to something else.  Usually.

This afternoon we were taking a nap.  It is not unusual for her to twist/twirl my hair before she falls asleep if she is napping with me, but she doesn't usually do it when she wakes up.   Usually.

I was woken up by the twisting/twirling of my hair.  Slowly at first.  Then she started pulling my hair.  I could feel her breath on the back of my head as she continued twisting my hair around.

"What are you doing E?", I asked as I was now painfully pulled into wakefulness.

Wait for it.....

Wait now....

I'm still laughing about this a few hours later......

"I'm looking for the eyes on the back of your head, but I don't see them!!!"

Bwaaahaaahaaahaaa!!  Keep looking Princess, and I hope you keep believing I have eyes back there for a long, long time! LOL

Friday, January 08, 2010

A Little Help Please

E was supposed to be getting ready for bed.  Suddenly, I hear a voice behind me saying "Mom, a little help please."  Turned around to see this:

Darn kid is cute even with clothes stuck on top of her head! :o)

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Break is Over......

We took a break over the Christmas Holidays but it's back to our regular schedule.  We've started preschool up again.  The Letter J is the first letter we will learn this week.  Since E already knows all the letter sounds, we are just going to do two days a letter, then move onto the next letter (except for O and U...we will do three or four days on each of those).  Then it is on to letter combinations such as  oo and ee, etc. 

Yesterday we baked some Oatmeal Scotchies.  Once again, E helped...all but putting the butter in the bowl!  We enjoyed spending this special time together. 

E got a bike for her birthday but it has been so cold out, she hasn't had a chance to ride it yet.  It looks like we will be back up into the 60's next week so hopefully we will be out bike riding then!

I am noticing that E, since she turned five, is showing a bit more attitude...and crabby-tude.  It is almost as if she knows that she physically turned five, and mentally she is five, but emotionally, she still wants to be a baby sometimes. 

That's it for now.  Off to make some pancakes with The Princess.

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