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"Mom, when I grow up, I'm going to be a Princess Ballerina Fairy Mermaid Astronaut."

"Mom, I'm really sad right now. I wanted to marry Prince Eric. I want to have a real baby. I want to fall in love."

"Mom, I love learning about God and singing about God. Everyone needs to learn about God!"

"Mom, when we say I Love You to each other, it makes my heart sing!"

"Dad, I have to tell you something. Did you know when you eat, your ears wiggle?"

Saturday, July 30, 2011

This Was My Best Graduation EVER!

Today, my baby girl, my Kindergartener, graduated and is now a 1st Grader!!

We had a surprise Graduation Party for her, complete with cap & gown and Pomp & Circumstance playing in the background. 

I had my DH take her to the park this morning.  I baked a cake, made some ice cream, wrapped her graduation gift, and got her cap & gown out on her bed.  I even made her a graduation certificate!

My daughter called me to let me know they were coming home. I waited in her room for her with the door closed.  When she opened her bedroom door, her initial look was “Huh?  What are you DOING Mom!” LOL  But when I explained what was going on, she was so thrilled.

Over and over today, she repeated “This was my best graduation EVER!” as if she has had so many before this. LOL   She wore her graduation cap & gown for quite a while today, taking it off only to eat or go in the pool.  She even asked me tonight if she could sleep in the gown. 


I think she was pretty pleased with the day.


On another note, I’m working on setting up our homeschool blog where I will post all about our homeschool days.  I’ll keep this blog for all other Princess-related things.

Thanks for stopping by.  Enjoy your weekend.


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